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    “देखना है, यह आग कितने हृदयों को
    प्रज्वलित करने में यशस्वी होती है”

    - Narendra Modi (Sakshi Bhaav)

    Modi Story is a volunteer-driven initiative aiming to connect the dots of the life of Narendra Modi. We believe Narendra Modi’s life story, as seen from the eyes of those who have seen him, is a source of inspiration today and for generations to come. It brings a sense of self belief – “I too can be like Modi”.

    We strongly feel it’s our duty to bring to life the voices of those who have caught a glimpse of Shri Narendra Modi’s life. This way, we intend to accumulate inspiring anecdotes and experiences that narrate the story of New India.

    We look forward to your support in bringing every Modi Story to light, so that these experiences inspire generations to come!

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